iDa Beauty Favorite 2018 Hairstyles for Hot Summer Days

Hotter, sunnier and longer days are upon us. But let’s not forget its friends, humidity and sweat. We long for these warmer days during the frigid months, but once it arrives, nothing irks us more than sticky bangs and feeling like we have a weight on our head. Take a look ten of our favorite summer hairstyles to keep you cool yet stylish

Pineapple Bun

This style keeps hair both off your neck and shoulders. Make it a messy for a casual look, or keep it sleek for a more formal event. Check out some of these twists on the pineapple bun below 
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny pineapple bun
source: Cute Hairstyles
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny pineappl
Source: @baronesscountess

Sleek Pontail

A sleek Pontail can show off your beautiful features, and keep the sweat at bay as well. Keep it neat with a straight, wavy or curly pony. Add extensions to your hair for more volume and length.
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny sleek ponytai
source: Cosmopolitan 
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny straight
source: omabelletv

Box Braids/Twists

Reduce the temptation to manipulate your hair as often by going to a protective style. Use jumbo braids, Super x/ Xpression hair or Marley hair to create a do that requires little to no maintenence. With added length and texture, you can easily create updos for formal summer occasions.
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny box braids
source: US Weekly
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny Marley hair
source: Mane Addicts
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny Senegalese twist
source: Pinterest

Keep it short

Sometimes you just want to cut it all off. Starting fresh and new is sometimes just the right do for a more refreshing summer. Add a bit of color to add some style and pop your new short ‘do
Ida beauty supply summer styles big chop
Source: @ope_yummy

Pixie Cut Wig

Not ready to grab a pair of scissors? Fake it! Play around with short cuts and colors like this beautiful style, It’s a Wig Belle Ami on our customer, Ms. Samyse.

Ida beauty supply store middletown ny Pixie Cut Source: Ms. Samyse

The Classic 2 Feed-In Braids

With just one pack of Super X/Xpression hair, you can get a beautiful do that’s both playful and sexy. Check out an example of the look below sported on Ciara.

Ida beauty supply store middletown ny ciara in Cape Town south africaSource: @Ciara

Ida beauty supply store middletown ny feed in braids ciara in Cape Town south Africa wit

Lemonade Braids

Made famous by pop singer, Beyoncé, lemonade braids have taken off with individuals adding their unique style and flair to it. Serving as a protective style, these side cornrows will keep you cool and keep heads turning.
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny lemonade braids
Source: @kiachicagobraids
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny lemonade braids large
Source: @erica_letstalkhair

No Heat Short Blunt Cut

Middle part, bone straight, blunt cut are in! Want to avoid the blow dryer and flat iron? Opt for a style like it’s a Wig Kailee. Keep the windows down and go for a drive with your favorite music playing through the stereo

Ida beauty supply store middletown ny it's a wig kaileeSource: @itsawigdotcom

Bantu Knots

Stay crazy, sexy and cool with bantu knots during those summer bbq and pool parties. Add a few braided accessories to take your look to the next level.
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny bantu knots
source: All Things Hair
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny bantu knots crochet hair jamaican bounce
source: All Things Hair
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny
source: LuvYourMane

‘Fro it Out

Sometimes low maintenance means just letting your hair be. Pick it out and let each strand enjoy the ray of sunshine before winter comes. Put it in a bun or let it hang loose, either way, your hair will make a statement. For added length and volume, add some extensions using the vixen crochet method with the hair to match your texture, go attach an instant pony like Sensationnel Afro Kinky below.

Ida beauty supply store middletown ny Afro natural hair

Source: @ope_yummy
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny two Afro puffs
source: @marihsantosss
Ida beauty supply store middletown ny Sensationnel
Source: sensationnel

No matter where you find yourself this Summer, let your hair be the last of your worries. Stay stylish and cool in one of these many beautiful hairstyles before it’s time to get bundled up in hats and scarves.


Which one of these gorgeous looks is your favorite? Comment below to let us know!

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iDa Beauty’s Top 10 Wigs (Synthetic/Blended) of 2017

Faces have been stuffed, presents have been opened, and in just a few days we will be ringing in the new year. But before we say hello to 2018, let’s take a look back at some of the styles that wowed us in 2017. Here is our list of top 10 wigs that our customers loved! We’re sure some of these styles will still be a hit in 2018.

LH Uba

1, 1B, 2, F1B30, F1B33, F4/27, F4/30, 2633, 2727, 3505, 35J, 612, 613, 99J, DT27, RB35, U21, U27, U332, U3505 U612, U99J, URB35

IAW Carla

1,1B,2,4, P1B / 30, P1B / 33, P4 / 27 , P4 / 30, TT27, TT30, TT600, TT613, TTBURG

IAW Cristine

1,1B,2,4, P1B / 30, P1B / 33, P4 / 27 , P4 / 30, TT27, TT30, TT600, TT613, TTBURG


HT Mega Power Girl

1, 1B, 2, D270, F1B/PURPLE, F1B/BLUE, F1B/30,F4/30, 99J, OM2730, OMBUG, OM612

HT Sugar Girl

1, 1B, 2, D270, F1B/PURPLE, F1B/BLUE, F1B/30, F4/30, 99J, OM2730, OMBUG, OM612

IAW Julianna

AVAILABLE COLORS:1,1B,2,4, P1B / 30, P1B / 33, P4 / 27 , P4 / 30, TT27, TT30, TT600, TT613,3T5004

HT Mega Lace 103

1, 1B, 2, 99J, F1B/30, F4/30, D613, OMB1B/612, OMB1B/BUG, OMB1B/2730

HT Mega L-Part 110

1, 1B, 2, 99J, F1B/30, F4/30, OM612, OM2730, OMBUG, D613


1, 1B, 2, F1B30, F4/30, 4327,613, 99J, DT27


H/B Brazilian Wide Lace 511

1, 1B, 2, F1B/30, F4/30, 99J, D613, PURPLE, OM2730, OMBUG, OM612

<a href=””>Which wig is your favorite 2017 style?</a>

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Customer Favorites: iDa Beauty Top 10 Human Hair Wigs of 2016

Before we head into the coming new year, we take a look back at some of our customers’ favorite items. Here are iDa Beauty’s top ten human hair wigs from 2016.


HH Bora



HH Claire



HH Remi Kerry



HH Lace Indian Water



HH Lace Peruvian Jerry



HH Natural Hana



HH Remi Annette



HH Swiss Lace Dream



HH Indian Remi First Lady


HH Rosie


Did your style make the list? What style would you like to try in 2017? Let us know in the comment section below.


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HAIR 101: How To Do Crochet Braids

Crochet braiding, although not a brand new technique, has gained popularity in the past year.

As the name suggests, crochet braids are hair extensions that are crocheted into your own hair  with a latch hook tool.

Their Benefits: 

  • Crochet braids are a protective style that reduces the damage to your own hair by eliminating the unnecessary pull you may get from traditional braiding or weaving extension.
  • If you have thinning hair or experiencing breakage, this method can give you the illusion of braided or weaving extensions without the damage
  • The process is quicker than the traditional sew-in and braiding
  • It gives you a natural  look.

What You’ll Need:

Crochet braids
Soft Dred hair was used for this installment
  • 1 latch hook
  •  3 packs of Braiding/ bulk hair of your choice
    The common misconception is that there is only one type of hair that can be crocheted. That is completely false. Choosing the braiding hair to use all depends on the style you are trying to achieve. If you’re going for a straight, wavy or curly look, choose the braiding hair that will help you achieve that.
  • Scissors (optional). You may want to cut the length of the hair extension
  • Weaving thread and needle( optional). Conrowed hair may need to be sewn together if hair is very long.

How It’s Done

Step One: Create the foundation.

This means cornrowing your hair. You can go from simple cornrows, to a honey comb formation or leaving some of your hair out that will later blend in with the braiding extension. The foundation will primarily depend on how you want your look you hope to fall.

Crochet braided hair

For Moyo’s hair, I had one braid circling her head, and the rest were cornrowed to the back. the extra length of her hair were folded onto each other then sewed down.

NOTE: It is important that your braids aren’t bulky and lay flat.

Step Two: Preparing the  braiding hair 

When you take out the hair extension from its package, you may decide to leave the length as it is, or cut it. For Moyo, I cut the Soft Dred hair in half.

Step Three: Installing the hair 

Take the latch hook in one hand, and with the latch still open, slide it underneath the braid.

latch hook for braiding
The latch is open when you slide it underneath the braid

Take some of your braiding hair extension fold it to the appropriate length you desire, then loop it onto the hook.

crochet braiding

Close the latch.

crochet braiding
Make sure to close the loop, so that you don’t tug your hair

Reverse and slide the hair back underneath the braid.The crochet hook is then passed under your braided hair and the latch is unhooked. With two fingers you will create an opening at the loop, then the feed the ends of the hairs through the hole.

crochet braiding

You will twist the loop and feed the end through the loop again. Some hair types may have to be knotted more than twice for extra security.

crochet braiding
Pull ends through and knot the hair twice for security

Repeat these steps until complete

Step Four: Styling

Whether you have to cut, shape, straighten or curl the hair is up to you. Complete with a sheen spray and you’re ready to go.

latch hook braids
Complete look

Mini Tutorial: How to Install Crochet Braids:

Would you try crochet braiding? If you have, what has your experience been with this method? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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The Sponge Method: how to create coils and add more definition to your hair.

I came across a method of defining my curls recently, and because I enjoyed the results, I thought I’d share it with you. It goes by many names, but I will refer to it as the sponge coil method.

Sponge coils

As you can see from the picture above, this method gives my hair great texture and definition. It is easy to do and presentable for any occasion.



  1. Sponge with holes, like the one pictured above.
  2. Your favorite styling gel or curling pudding. Here I used Taliah Waajid Curl Sealer
  3. Hair oil such as argan oil or black castor oil
  4. Finishing spray (optional) To add shine and conditioner, I used the Taliah Waajid Hydrating Curl Shine

All products featured in the image above are available at iDa! 


  1. Apply the hair oil and styling gel to you hair. make sure to give it an even distribution
  2. Use sponge and go in a circular motion around your head. Make sure you rotate sponge in one direction only, or you might unravel the coils you create
  3. Once you have achieved the coils you desire, you can finish the look  with a finishing mist (optional)

This method of styling takes no more than 5 minutes! Below I’ve included a video I believe will be very helpful if you want to give this method a try.

This video demonstrates how to create sponge coils and what the hair looks like after styling  

Give it a try, and you can give me a feedback by leaving a comment below.

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Video courtesy of FueshaSpeaks

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How to care for your wig-Wig Care Instructions

One of the popular questions we’re asked after a wig purchase is, “How do I take care of the wig?” It’s an important question because the more you know about caring for your wig, the longer it will last and the more you will enjoy it. Here are the 5 most important things you need to know to care for your wig.

1. Product overload: More isn’t better.

Most people believe that the more shine or moisture products you put into the wig, the better looking it will be. Unfortunately, putting too much products in the wig will not only make the wig look unnatural, but you may end up damaging the fibers which will reduce the longevity of your wig.

For both synthetic and human hair, I suggest a simple wig spray. Most wig sprays like Natty Wig & Braid Spray or the Organic Natural Weave and Wig spray line will give you a natural shine and healthy look. Organic Natural Curl N Wavy Wig spray is a great aid to define the waves and curls of your wig. Specifically for human hair wigs, a dollop of Argan oil is great for natural shine and helps to reduce frizziness.

2. Using the right tool: Brush v. Comb
Using a wig brush or a comb is all dependent on the style of your wig. Wig brushes usually have metal bristles which are great for detangling straight hair. Wig brushes should always be used on straight hair. For wavy to semi curly hair, a wide tooth comb is the best way to detangle and define the waves and curls. A brush will loosen the curls causing the texture of the wig to change. For extremely tight curls , your fingers will do the trick. It allows you to individually detangle and create more curls in your wig. For all wigs remember to start from the ends of the hair to the root, or else you will create more tangles.

3. Storing Your Wig.
Depending on how often you plan on wearing your wig, the best place to store your wig is on a mannequin head. The mannequin doesn’t have to be the same one found in the store. A foam head mannequin, or even a travel plastic mannequin can be used. Mannequins help the wig retain the shape and style you personally create. Storing it in the original box after use should only be done if you plan on wearing it once in a while.

4. Washing Your Wig.
This is one of the most important aspect of taking care of your wig. If done incorrectly, you will not get the results you had hoped for.

Both synthetic and human hair are shampooed in the same way.
– before washing, make sure you detangle your wig with a brush or comb
– fill a large bowl or your bathroom sink with cold water. Enough water that all the hair on the wig can be submerged in
– add a cap full of your wig shampoo into the water and lather
– place wig into mixture. do not agitate wig or wash like clothes. Leave in mixture for 10 minutes
– rinse wig under flowing water

For conditioning
-With synthetic hair, repeat the shampoo method but this time with a conditioner
– For human hair wigs, I recommend Silicon Mix conditioner. Saturate wig with conditioner for 15 minutes then rinse out.

To dry wigs, hang it using a clothes pin and let it air dry. Although human hair wigs can handle a blow dryer, it’s always best to air dry your wigs. DO NOT dry wigs on the mannequin head because it will stretch out the cap, making it unwearable.

5. Styling Your Wig
The great thing about synthetic wigs are their ability to retain style memory. that means after you wash them, they go back to their original state with little to no work. Once your synthetic wig is dry, apply wig spray and brush or comb depending on the style.

Human hair wigs require more work. Whether straight, curly or wavy, a heating tool may be necessary in creating a polished look. Before applying any heat, make sure you use a heat protecting spray to protect the fibers from heat damage. Rollers, rods and other styling tools can also be used. Use a light holding spritz or foam to ensure that your curls or waves last longer. To finish, add a little argan oil to your wig.

Follow these essential tips and your wigs will last longer longer.

How do you take care of your wigs? Share your steps by leaving a comment below.


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Box Braids v. Senegalese Twists v. Marley/Kinky/Havana Twist (Which Braid is Which?)

2013 was the year of braiding. Thanks to celebrities like Solange and Beyoncé, the trend of braiding took a lift off and, in 2014, it shows no sign of slowing down. Today we break down the most popular braiding styles, telling you what hair can be used to achieve the look you desire.

Box Braids


Box braids is the ‘do that never goes out of style. Can we even call it a trend? (After all, women in ancient Egypt rocked them.) Box braids use a three strand twist to lock it in place. Length range from shoulder to lower back.

They have been seen accompanied with head wraps and can be styled from a high pony tail to an elegant bun.

What hair should I use: Jumbo braid, Super-X braid (also goes by, X-Pression)

The difference between Marley, Kinky and Havana Twist

20131222-145304.jpg Three women walk into the store. One asks for kinky twist, another for Marley braid, and the third, Havana twist. Yet they all get the same type of hair extension. Why is that? Because whichever the style you choose, all three require the same type of hair.

The biggest difference between Marley/kinky and the popular Havana twist is the size of the twist. Havana twist are bigger than the Marley or kinky twist. For every two to three Marley twist, there is one Havana twist. A technique of the Havana twist also requires adding a portion of your hair, so there is a seamless transition from your hair to the extension. Which ever style you choose, it is sure to give you the ‘natural’ look you’re looking for.

What hair should I use: Kinky twist, Marley braid.

Senegalese Twist

20131222-120448.jpg Also known as rope twist, this style’s installation process is similar to to the Marley/kinky/Havana twist. Unlike the above twist, you use kanekalon hair such as Jumbo and super-x braid which gives you a tighter and smoother look.

This style can go from everyday look to elegant in a matter of minutes. The greatest benefit of Senegalese twist is that they are easy to take out.

What hair should I use: Jumbo Braid, Super-X braid. Marley(kinky) twist can be used but may be harder to use for beginners.

Aside from just looking great, these braiding styles offer a convenient and protective way to grow hair out, transition from chemically processed locks to natural, or take a break from having to think about your hair for about two months.

Check out the video my Kyss My Hair. She shows you four ways to wear any braid you choose to do.

All braiding hair extensions are Available in store at iDa.


Leave a comment below, and let us know what braiding style you would rock!

Images by Getty Image


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iDa Beauty’s ‘10’ Beauty Gift Ideas For Her, Him & Them


The holiday season can be a hectic time of year. Although rewarding by spending time with family and loved ones, thinking of the right gift for the people in your lives can be overwhelming. Below we’ve curated a list of 10 beauty gift ideas for everyone on your list.

  1. For the Naturalista


    Mielle Hair Products Pomegranate
    Get them their favorite hair product to make their ‘fro bigger and the curls bouncier.


  2. For the Smooth Operator

    Wave Builder
    If you can’t swim in his hair, he doesn’t have the right tools. Get him what he needs to get his waves in strong.
  3. For the Color Junkie

    For the person who loves to change their hair color frequently, get them the right tools to achieve the best results every time.
  4. For the Slay Queen

    Help her get the perfect wing liner and those #EyebrowsOnFleek with a makeup set.
  5. For the #BeardGang

    Clubman Beard Products
    Give him something to keep his beard soft and moisturized.
  6. For the Accessories Princess

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  7. For the Wig Maker

    Provide the DIY-er on your life with the basic necessities to create beautiful wigs of their own.
  8. For the Barber

    Keep him clean and groomed with his own set of clippers and trimmers to take on his next cut.
  9. For the Hair Stylist

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  10. For the Fashionista

    From 100% silk scarves, to infinity scarves and velvet turbans, keep her fashionably warm this season.

    Still undecided ….

Give them the gift of beauty gift card and let them decide!

No matter what gifts you get your loved ones, make sure you spend quality time and cherish these moments with them. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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What is Prota Hair: Clip-In Extensions, Weaving Hair, Braiding Hair

Prota Hair is Supreme’s innovative, new collection of hair extensions, wigs, falls, hairpieces, and braids, made with Ultima Organic Protein.

Prota Hair is made with a natural protein source, very similar to the protein found in human hair.   That’s why Prota looks, feels, and works, just like human hair.

Benefits of Prota Hair:

  1. Like human hair you can curl, blow-dry, wash, brush, comb, style, and restore Prota hair.
  2.   Unlike human hair, Prota hair is more affordable and always consistent in quality.It is the affordable, natural alternative to expensive human hair.
  3. For sensitive scalps, Prota hair is the best option because it is hypoallergenic and always clean and free from harmful bacteria.
  4. Less tangling, easy to restore and flame retardant.
  5. because Prota hair is made with Ultima Organic Protein, the hair retains moisture so that it is soft and easy to manage.
  6. By spraying the hair with water and lightly combing through, the unique rebuilding nature of Prota is activated, and is instantly refreshed and restored, just like human hair.

Prota hair is available in a variety of different styles, textures, lengths, and colors, which makes it easier to find a perfect match to your natural hair. Whether you’re looking to add volume, length, or a splash of color, you can achieve the hair of your dreams with Prota Hair.

To learn more about Prota, and see it in action, make sure to join us on August 13, 2016 for iDa Beauty’s Annual Thank You Sale at iDa Beauty Supply Store.

iDa Beauty’s Annual Thank You Sale: Wig Sales, Hair Extensions Sale, Brazilian/Malaysian Bundle Sale, Hair Product Sale, Crochet Hair Sale 

We invite you to join us on August 13th and enjoy special discounts on all of our hair extensions, and makeovers when you purchase Supreme Hair clip-on hair or wigs.  

Prota Hair, wig sale, clip in extensions, Middletown NY, iDa Beauty Supply store


12 P.M. – 6 P.M. Supreme/BMU Hair Platform stylists will install and style  clip-on Prota Hair with every clip on purchase


– Buy One, Get One Free on select Prota items

– Buy One Get one 50% off on All Synthetic Wigs (equal or lesser value)

– 10% off all Human Hair Wigs

– 10% off on all other Hair extensions ( Jumbo and Super-X/Expression braids excluded)

– 10% off all Crochet Hair

*** Free crochet needle with purchase of 5 or more crochet hair packets

– 5% off Hair Products with $25 purchase

We hope to see all your beautiful faces there.

I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all our amazing customers who have supported us from the beginning. I am appreciative of your business and support in 2015. iDa Beauty is here for you and because of you. I look forward to serving you and your beauty needs in 2016. Happy New Year!

– iDa

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