Brazilian v. Malaysian v. Peruvian Bundle Hair Extensions (Which One is Right For You)

What is the difference  between Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian hair extensions? Do the hair extensions actually come from  those countries?

HH MALAYSIAN NATURAL WAVE available in store and delivery

With so many types of hair in the market, it is easy to get frustrated. You’ve probably heard of Brazilian, Malaysian or Peruvian hair extensions, but which one is right for you? You may not see hair advertised as Indian or Chinese, but you are almost definitely purchasing hair from one of these countries. Chinese hair, especially, is very thick, and this makes it ideal for processing into wigs and and extensions.

(ROYAL REMI) HH BRAZILIAN WEAVING 18" available in store and for delivery

So then what is the fascination with Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian hair? These terms can be confusing because they don’t mean that the hair you are buying actually comes from Brazil, Peru or Malaysia. In fact, they almost certainly do not. Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian are most likely used as marketing terms, but that doesn’t mean those terms are meaningless. They refer to different styles or texture, created to mimic the hair of ethnic groups from the countries for which they are named.

So if you’re confused on whether to get Brazilian, Malaysian or Peruvian hair, remember that it’s all about style, quality and texture. Ask yourself,  “do the hair extensions fulfill my style, quality and texture needs?”


Image source: Supreme hair.


HAIR 101: How To Do Crochet Braids

Crochet braiding, although not a brand new technique, has gained popularity in the past year.

As the name suggests, crochet braids are hair extensions that are crocheted into your own hair  with a latch hook tool.

Their Benefits: 

  • Crochet braids are a protective style that reduces the damage to your own hair by eliminating the unnecessary pull you may get from traditional braiding or weaving extension.
  • If you have thinning hair or experiencing breakage, this method can give you the illusion of braided or weaving extensions without the damage
  • The process is quicker than the traditional sew-in and braiding
  • It gives you a natural  look.

What You’ll Need:

Crochet braids
Soft Dred hair was used for this installment
  • 1 latch hook
  •  3 packs of Braiding/ bulk hair of your choice
    The common misconception is that there is only one type of hair that can be crocheted. That is completely false. Choosing the braiding hair to use all depends on the style you are trying to achieve. If you’re going for a straight, wavy or curly look, choose the braiding hair that will help you achieve that.
  • Scissors (optional). You may want to cut the length of the hair extension
  • Weaving thread and needle( optional). Conrowed hair may need to be sewn together if hair is very long.

How It’s Done

Step One: Create the foundation.

This means cornrowing your hair. You can go from simple cornrows, to a honey comb formation or leaving some of your hair out that will later blend in with the braiding extension. The foundation will primarily depend on how you want your look you hope to fall.

Crochet braided hair

For Moyo’s hair, I had one braid circling her head, and the rest were cornrowed to the back. the extra length of her hair were folded onto each other then sewed down.

NOTE: It is important that your braids aren’t bulky and lay flat.

Step Two: Preparing the  braiding hair 

When you take out the hair extension from its package, you may decide to leave the length as it is, or cut it. For Moyo, I cut the Soft Dred hair in half.

Step Three: Installing the hair 

Take the latch hook in one hand, and with the latch still open, slide it underneath the braid.

latch hook for braiding
The latch is open when you slide it underneath the braid

Take some of your braiding hair extension fold it to the appropriate length you desire, then loop it onto the hook.

crochet braiding

Close the latch.

crochet braiding
Make sure to close the loop, so that you don’t tug your hair

Reverse and slide the hair back underneath the braid.The crochet hook is then passed under your braided hair and the latch is unhooked. With two fingers you will create an opening at the loop, then the feed the ends of the hairs through the hole.

crochet braiding

You will twist the loop and feed the end through the loop again. Some hair types may have to be knotted more than twice for extra security.

crochet braiding
Pull ends through and knot the hair twice for security

Repeat these steps until complete

Step Four: Styling

Whether you have to cut, shape, straighten or curl the hair is up to you. Complete with a sheen spray and you’re ready to go.

latch hook braids
Complete look

Mini Tutorial: How to Install Crochet Braids:

Would you try crochet braiding? If you have, what has your experience been with this method? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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Happy New Year

Happy new and prosperous year!

Starting Monday, January 5, iDa will be operating under its Winter hours:

Sunday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Monday: 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Tuesday-Saturday: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces in this new year.


The Sponge Method: how to create coils and add more definition to your hair.

I came across a method of defining my curls recently, and because I enjoyed the results, I thought I’d share it with you. It goes by many names, but I will refer to it as the sponge coil method.

Sponge coils

As you can see from the picture above, this method gives my hair great texture and definition. It is easy to do and presentable for any occasion.



  1. Sponge with holes, like the one pictured above.
  2. Your favorite styling gel or curling pudding. Here I used Taliah Waajid Curl Sealer
  3. Hair oil such as argan oil or black castor oil
  4. Finishing spray (optional) To add shine and conditioner, I used the Taliah Waajid Hydrating Curl Shine

All products featured in the image above are available at iDa! 


  1. Apply the hair oil and styling gel to you hair. make sure to give it an even distribution
  2. Use sponge and go in a circular motion around your head. Make sure you rotate sponge in one direction only, or you might unravel the coils you create
  3. Once you have achieved the coils you desire, you can finish the look  with a finishing mist (optional)

This method of styling takes no more than 5 minutes! Below I’ve included a video I believe will be very helpful if you want to give this method a try.

This video demonstrates how to create sponge coils and what the hair looks like after styling  

Give it a try, and you can give me a feedback by leaving a comment below.

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Video courtesy of FueshaSpeaks

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How to care for your wig-Wig Care Instructions

One of the popular questions we’re asked after a wig purchase is, “How do I take care of the wig?” It’s an important question because the more you know about caring for your wig, the longer it will last and the more you will enjoy it. Here are the 5 most important things you need to know to care for your wig.

1. Product overload: More isn’t better.

Most people believe that the more shine or moisture products you put into the wig, the better looking it will be. Unfortunately, putting too much products in the wig will not only make the wig look unnatural, but you may end up damaging the fibers which will reduce the longevity of your wig.

For both synthetic and human hair, I suggest a simple wig spray. Most wig sprays like Natty Wig & Braid Spray or the Organic Natural Weave and Wig spray line will give you a natural shine and healthy look. Organic Natural Curl N Wavy Wig spray is a great aid to define the waves and curls of your wig. Specifically for human hair wigs, a dollop of Argan oil is great for natural shine and helps to reduce frizziness.

2. Using the right tool: Brush v. Comb
Using a wig brush or a comb is all dependent on the style of your wig. Wig brushes usually have metal bristles which are great for detangling straight hair. Wig brushes should always be used on straight hair. For wavy to semi curly hair, a wide tooth comb is the best way to detangle and define the waves and curls. A brush will loosen the curls causing the texture of the wig to change. For extremely tight curls , your fingers will do the trick. It allows you to individually detangle and create more curls in your wig. For all wigs remember to start from the ends of the hair to the root, or else you will create more tangles.

3. Storing Your Wig.
Depending on how often you plan on wearing your wig, the best place to store your wig is on a mannequin head. The mannequin doesn’t have to be the same one found in the store. A foam head mannequin, or even a travel plastic mannequin can be used. Mannequins help the wig retain the shape and style you personally create. Storing it in the original box after use should only be done if you plan on wearing it once in a while.

4. Washing Your Wig.
This is one of the most important aspect of taking care of your wig. If done incorrectly, you will not get the results you had hoped for.

Both synthetic and human hair are shampooed in the same way.
– before washing, make sure you detangle your wig with a brush or comb
– fill a large bowl or your bathroom sink with cold water. Enough water that all the hair on the wig can be submerged in
– add a cap full of your wig shampoo into the water and lather
– place wig into mixture. do not agitate wig or wash like clothes. Leave in mixture for 10 minutes
– rinse wig under flowing water

For conditioning
-With synthetic hair, repeat the shampoo method but this time with a conditioner
– For human hair wigs, I recommend Silicon Mix conditioner. Saturate wig with conditioner for 15 minutes then rinse out.

To dry wigs, hang it using a clothes pin and let it air dry. Although human hair wigs can handle a blow dryer, it’s always best to air dry your wigs. DO NOT dry wigs on the mannequin head because it will stretch out the cap, making it unwearable.

5. Styling Your Wig
The great thing about synthetic wigs are their ability to retain style memory. that means after you wash them, they go back to their original state with little to no work. Once your synthetic wig is dry, apply wig spray and brush or comb depending on the style.

Human hair wigs require more work. Whether straight, curly or wavy, a heating tool may be necessary in creating a polished look. Before applying any heat, make sure you use a heat protecting spray to protect the fibers from heat damage. Rollers, rods and other styling tools can also be used. Use a light holding spritz or foam to ensure that your curls or waves last longer. To finish, add a little argan oil to your wig.

Follow these essential tips and your wigs will last longer longer.

How do you take care of your wigs? Share your steps by leaving a comment below.


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Breakthrough In Hair Loss Treatment: Drug Found to Reverse Baldness in Alopecia sufferers

It’s the age old question. “What can I use to make my hair grow?”

Thanks to a new study by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center, we are getting closer to answering that question.

Ruxolitinib, a drug to treat a rare form of bone marrow disease, has been found to help some patients with alopecia. Alopecia, is an immune disease that damages hair follicles and ultimately stops them from growing. This drug causes the follicles to thwart those immune cells.

“It’s a major step forward in improving the standard of care for patients suffering from this devastating disease,” Dr. David Bickers, a dermatologist at Columbia University, said.

The first study, performed on mice, found that the drug restored hair within 12 weeks, and the new hair lasted months after the treatment stopped.

In the human study, performed on 7 women and 5 men, the drug restored hair growth fully in three patients with moderate to severe alopecia areata within four to five months. Patients were given a twice daily dose of ruxolitinib. The T-cells responsible for harming the hair follicles were no longer present in these patients too.

Lead researcher Dr. Raphael Clynes said they’ve only just begun testing the drug in patients.

“If the drug continues to be successful and safe, it will have a dramatic positive impact on the lives of people with the disease.”

More work is now needed to see if the drug can be offered more widely.

For more information on this study visit Nature Medicine at


Source: Nature Medicine Journal

iDa Beauty Supply Store Summer/Fall Hours

Starting Saturday, June 21, iDa Beauty Supply Store will be operating under its summer hours. The hours are as follows:

SUNDAY: 11 A.M. – 5 P.M.

MONDAY: 12 P.M.- 9 P.M.


These hours will be effective until January 5, 2015.

10 Prom Must-Haves Under $10

After buying your prom dress, prom tickets, limo rental, and other prom essentials you realize the cost of it all adds up quickly! But this is a special night of the year to feel fabulous, and have a great time with your date and your friends, so it’s all worth it, right? Don’t worry, you can save money by doing some of your hair and makeup yourself.

Trust us, there are affordable ways to primp for prom. We’ve picked our 10 favorite items from our store that will allow you to splurge on other things…


1. NK Creme Lipstick $1.99
Don’t overlook Nicka K lipstick because of its affordable price. The lipstick has very rich color and is long lasting. With over 84 different colors, you’ll be sure to find the right one for you. It’s small enough to fit in your clutch and reapply after dinner

2. Decorative Hair Pins -$1.00- $1.99
A beautiful up-do isn’t complete without the right right accessory to stand it out. These pins will add a classic look to any hairstyle

3. Hair Buns/ Ponytails – $5.99- $9.99
So you want to get the perfect bun or loose wave ponytail without spending hours manipulating your hair? In just 5 minutes, you can get your hair to look like

4. Blush – $2.99
Add a little color to your cheeks with this blush.

5. Ardell Eyelashes $2.99 -$3.99
Eyelashes are the key to making all your photos pop! Ardell Natural Demi Wispies are the go to lashes for a voluminous long lashes. With over 20 easy to apply styles, you too can get the “hey, look at me” look.

6. Hair Flower $1.00
Decorative hair flowers are another simple and effective way to add some elegance to your look.

7. Braided hair band $7.99
Available in 2 different braid patterns, this headband is a quicker way to add a crown braid to your look.

8. Nicka K Eye Light Crayon $1.99
Slim enough to fit into your clutch, this crayon makes eye shadow easy to apply. Available in 16 different colors, this makeup will make you the center of attention

9. Nail Art- 3.99
This easy to do home manicure will have your nails looking beautiful on your special night.

10. Motions Light Hold Working Spritz
Get the perfect amount of hold, control and body to create any style you desire, curly or straight. From all the dancing of the night, it’s good to know you can rely on a spray to keep your style in place, yet touchable

Winners of iDa’s First Annual Prom Prose

After voting for the first annual Prom Prose by iDa concluded last night, the winners have been determined.

We asked contestants to define beauty. These are the winners of the very first Prom Prose contest.

The grand prize winner is Christina Williams, a senior from Pine Bush High School. Christina has won a $100 gift certificate to iDa, A mini photo shoot from Middletown Photo Studios and a prom makeover from A Splash of Color. Congratulations Christina! Read her prose after the break.


There is so much beauty in life. Beauty is a gift from God. Beauty is in a woman. it’’s not the clothes she wears. Not the way she walks. Not the way she talks. Not the way she combs her hair. Beauty must be in her eyes from the way she stares. Beauty is a reflection of a soul. Beauty is in passion. Beauty is the love we show. Beauty is our skin…it doesn’t matter what color you are. Beauty is what’s in you. It doesn’t matter where you fit in. Beauty is nature…take a look around the world take a look and notice the beauty of life Have you ever really stopped for a second just to admire the beauty in everything around you? I mean really stopped and thought about how blessed you are to be where you are right here right now? There are so many beautiful things that surround you. This is the reason why I take a moment each day to let the beauty of my life grasp hold of my soul and be able to lose myself in how lucky I really am. Beauty is everywhere, but not everyone sees it. Beauty is created by your attitude and your behavior and your actions. What is beauty.

In second place is Kiara Alfonseca, a senior from Pine Bush High School. Kiara has won a $75 gift certificate to iDa and a mini photo shoot from Middletown Photo Studios. Congrats Kiara! Read her prose after the break.


I’ve scoured the internet for the meaning, I’ve looked through all the dictionaries that I could find. Reading the definitions out loud to myself just didn’t feel right, they left a bad taste in my mouth. Beauty is not just about aesthetic pleasure. Beauty is to evoke emotions, to stir up feelings within someone. Beauty is found in smiles and kisses, in laughter and hugs, in tears and scars, in anger and rage. Beauty is when your heart aches; knees shake, when your breath comes out in short puffs. Beauty is found in the wrinkles of the old, in the eyes of the young. Beauty is lying on the beach, watching the sun rise as your eyelids fall, seeing couples holding hands, little children kicking at the water who won’t fight back. Beauty is the way the leaves on the tree lose life or the way they persevere back in the spring. Beauty is an airport, where the world comes together to trade places, it reminds me of how small I am compared to the big Earth around me and how scary it truly is. Beauty is in the shrill of a baby’s cry and the look shared between two lovers. Beauty is the way a girl claws at her skin like it is something ugly, something incapable of beauty, tortured by the view in the mirror though the only distortion is in her own head. All these things fascinate me and excite me and scare me and they are beautiful, and if these do not make you feel something…
Never forget that every person is beautiful. Maybe they are cruel, sinking their stabbing words into the skin of others, maybe they are kind, their personality a place where others can lay their heads, maybe they are shy or strong, little or bold, but they are beautiful. Everyone is a mix of emotions, a stew of love and sadness, of heartache and excitement and if you do not believe that we are beauty incarnated, if you do not find yourself beautiful, then you must look again.

Third place goes to Pine Bush senior, A’kayla Mckenzie. A’Kayla has won a $50 gift certificate to iDa and a mini photo shoot from Middletown Photo Studio. Congratulations once again! Read her prose after the break.


What is beauty? My definition of beauty is Being Educated and Able to Unconditionally Teach the Young and old as well as myself, that plain and natural ideas is the best form of beauty. It has been said that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.
I asked my little brother do you think I am beautiful and he answered to me “yes”. I said to him “thank you” but, What makes me beautiful? He mentioned that I am a rare and unique individual. At this point I was confused, but willing to listen to his answer as to why I was beautiful. He remembered when he was learning his colors and I had put on a brown cardboard box, with black duct tape as suspenders, a white t-shirt with blue jeans, red shoes and in my hand held different colored flowers made from construction paper. He thought I was putting on a clown show for him but, at the end he learned his colors. He went on described everything that was beautiful about me. The way I became overwhelmingly happy when he called out all the colors correctly. My pearly white teeth as I smiled. The silly faces I made to make him laugh. But most importantly teaching him his colors in a fun unique way.
Being beautiful can happen in different ways I used it as a form of teaching to help out my little brother. Beauty is not just the way a person looks but, it can be all about their feelings, thoughts and senses. Beauty comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. It’s all about the individual on how they perceive beauty to be.

Congratulations to all our winners! A big thank you to all our participants including Naomi Allen and Chris Dzurak.

A special thank you goes to our sponsors, Charlie Byrd from Middletown Photo Studios and Syan Coerbell of A Splash of Color.

Thank you to the coodinators and teachers from Pine Bush High School, Ms. Cooke and Mrs. Bray for giving us the opportunity to run our very first Prom Prose contest at the school.

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