The importance of hair can be better appreciated by the fact that it is part of who we are. It has defined us in terms of nationality, heritage , race, color, religion, health, sexuality,  and beliefs   etc. Words such as Scandinavian, Rasta, rebels, Kinky, Blonde,  Clean shaven,  crew cut, military,  Black Power, Woodstock will surely have unique interpretations when you talk about hair.

At IDa Beauty Supply Store, we continue to expand our horizon about this wonderful aspect of our humanity. We narrowed all these down to Care and  Maintenance.

Our care and maintenance ranges from effective shampoos, conditioners,  moisturizers, colors, extensions, braids, wigs, accessories etc. We have chosen this path because we believe that if we take good care  and maintain  what we have (hair), the beauty will manifest in a more profound way.

The growth aspect is unique to each individual. Everything an individual  does contributes positively or otherwise to the growth of his or her hair. Stress,  diet, childbirth, trauma, exercise, environmental factors, seasons,  medications, lifestyle etc.


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