5 + 1 must do for Spring/Summer

As we forever wait for spring to get into full swing and the summer to follow in its tail. These are my suggested Top five must dos for the season.

  1. Hydrate: As we all know,, the heat is setting in and it gets to dry our skin faster and we get to the reserve in our system faster. We therefore need to make sure that we drink enough water for our body to be able to absorb the heat and keep us going
  2. Sun Protection: This is recommended year round. It becomes more important during spring and summer because we tend to expose more parts of the body. Minimum protection should be about SPF 30.
  3. Moisturize: A good moisturizer would go a long way to provide protection for the skin. Moisturizing right after shower provides a sealant for the skin. This helps to reduce dryness and will eventually minimize the effect of environmental elements that our skin might be exposed to during the course of the day.
  4. Hair Care: This is very important. Just out of winter, where we are used to covering ourselves up from head to toe. Now we want to be out there. The hair needs adequate conditioning. Whatever hair style we have for the season, it is essential that we condition adequately. Since we are all unique, our hair needs are equally unique. Conditioning and adequate moisturizing will benefit all types of hair.
  5. Foot Care: We tend to leave this for the last. Hopefully, our feet gets the pampering they deserve. Create the time at least once in two weeks for a good soak and scrubbing. This can be done at the spa or at home. It has been mentioned that the care of the feet is therapeutic. Good foot soak will bring out the beauty of what takes us from point A to B. It also means that we are actually resting and not going to any other place. True relaxation is taking place.
  6. Have Fun: What is the essence of the previous five items if we can not have fun? Let us all have fun at work, with family and as we travel the world. Whatever floats your boat, set it on it responsibly. We only have this life. The essence of life  is to enjoy, have fun and happiness. Do not forget that everything is by the minute. As we start Spring/Summer, we are counting down to Fall/Winter. Enjoy.

Please do not forget to pray for the people of Boston and our nation in general.

Have a nice week.


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