Brazilian v. Malaysian v. Peruvian Bundle Hair Extensions (Which One is Right For You)

What is the difference  between Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian hair extensions? Do the hair extensions actually come from  those countries?

HH MALAYSIAN NATURAL WAVE available in store and delivery

With so many types of hair in the market, it is easy to get frustrated. You’ve probably heard of Brazilian, Malaysian or Peruvian hair extensions, but which one is right for you? You may not see hair advertised as Indian or Chinese, but you are almost definitely purchasing hair from one of these countries. Chinese hair, especially, is very thick, and this makes it ideal for processing into wigs and and extensions.

(ROYAL REMI) HH BRAZILIAN WEAVING 18" available in store and for delivery

So then what is the fascination with Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian hair? These terms can be confusing because they don’t mean that the hair you are buying actually comes from Brazil, Peru or Malaysia. In fact, they almost certainly do not. Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian are most likely used as marketing terms, but that doesn’t mean those terms are meaningless. They refer to different styles or texture, created to mimic the hair of ethnic groups from the countries for which they are named.

So if you’re confused on whether to get Brazilian, Malaysian or Peruvian hair, remember that it’s all about style, quality and texture. Ask yourself,  “do the hair extensions fulfill my style, quality and texture needs?”


Image source: Supreme hair.


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