HAIR 101: How To Do Crochet Braids

Crochet braiding, although not a brand new technique, has gained popularity in the past year.

As the name suggests, crochet braids are hair extensions that are crocheted into your own hair  with a latch hook tool.

Their Benefits: 

  • Crochet braids are a protective style that reduces the damage to your own hair by eliminating the unnecessary pull you may get from traditional braiding or weaving extension.
  • If you have thinning hair or experiencing breakage, this method can give you the illusion of braided or weaving extensions without the damage
  • The process is quicker than the traditional sew-in and braiding
  • It gives you a natural  look.

What You’ll Need:

Crochet braids
Soft Dred hair was used for this installment
  • 1 latch hook
  •  3 packs of Braiding/ bulk hair of your choice
    The common misconception is that there is only one type of hair that can be crocheted. That is completely false. Choosing the braiding hair to use all depends on the style you are trying to achieve. If you’re going for a straight, wavy or curly look, choose the braiding hair that will help you achieve that.
  • Scissors (optional). You may want to cut the length of the hair extension
  • Weaving thread and needle( optional). Conrowed hair may need to be sewn together if hair is very long.

How It’s Done

Step One: Create the foundation.

This means cornrowing your hair. You can go from simple cornrows, to a honey comb formation or leaving some of your hair out that will later blend in with the braiding extension. The foundation will primarily depend on how you want your look you hope to fall.

Crochet braided hair

For Moyo’s hair, I had one braid circling her head, and the rest were cornrowed to the back. the extra length of her hair were folded onto each other then sewed down.

NOTE: It is important that your braids aren’t bulky and lay flat.

Step Two: Preparing the  braiding hair 

When you take out the hair extension from its package, you may decide to leave the length as it is, or cut it. For Moyo, I cut the Soft Dred hair in half.

Step Three: Installing the hair 

Take the latch hook in one hand, and with the latch still open, slide it underneath the braid.

latch hook for braiding
The latch is open when you slide it underneath the braid

Take some of your braiding hair extension fold it to the appropriate length you desire, then loop it onto the hook.

crochet braiding

Close the latch.

crochet braiding
Make sure to close the loop, so that you don’t tug your hair

Reverse and slide the hair back underneath the braid.The crochet hook is then passed under your braided hair and the latch is unhooked. With two fingers you will create an opening at the loop, then the feed the ends of the hairs through the hole.

crochet braiding

You will twist the loop and feed the end through the loop again. Some hair types may have to be knotted more than twice for extra security.

crochet braiding
Pull ends through and knot the hair twice for security

Repeat these steps until complete

Step Four: Styling

Whether you have to cut, shape, straighten or curl the hair is up to you. Complete with a sheen spray and you’re ready to go.

latch hook braids
Complete look

Mini Tutorial: How to Install Crochet Braids:

Would you try crochet braiding? If you have, what has your experience been with this method? Let me know by leaving a comment below.



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