What does “going natural” mean?

Going natural appears to be the in-thing for most women these days. We tried putting a definition to it as it relates to hair care. However, we had to first find the dictionary meaning of natural.

We found this  definition on Ask.com  “ Natural is anything pertaining to nature. It will not include anything that is synthesized, or man made. Natural products will include ingredients that are taken directly from nature and nothing synthesized in a lab”. Is there anyone “going natural” as defined above?

There appears to be different understanding about what it means to be going natural. The following are some of the definitions that have been used to describe going natural:

Hairstyle:  Hair style appearing to be braided , twisted or curly is how some define natural.  This definition does not take into consideration the product used in  order  to achieve   this style.  So long your hair appears braided, twisted or curly it is natural.

Products:  For some, the products  they use is the definition of natural. So long as the package says “natural” “organic” or an image of the African continent or the Jamaican Colors, then it must be a natural product.

Hairstyle and Product  These group swear by the “natural products that they use that have helped to achieve  and maintain the going natural.

Our observation is that, in the true definition of natural, it will be quite a challenge in order to be 100% natural. The challenges stem from the following:

  1. Change: For most people, “going natural” is something new. Change is not that easy to accomplish. There will be ups and downs as you go along. Outcomes might not be as desired or the products fails to live up to expectation as described on packaging. Positive compliments or otherwise might also spur us on with the change. 
  2. Cost:  Financial commitment to “going natural” might be on the high side. Since you want to be sure you are giving this new style all your best, the tendency is high to spend more in order to achieve the desired looks.
  3. Time:  There is also the issue of time commitment. Most of us are used to the instant transformation that the relaxer or the hairdressers have blessed us with. Now we have to wait for the natural product to take its full effect. Patience is definitely required
  4. Style:   Achieving a particular style might be a challenge because of the texture of our hair. Hair texture is unique to each individual. Sometimes, we see a style that looks perfectly beautiful on a friend and we want to do the same. It might just not happen like that because of our hair texture.
  5. Nature:  With the above definition of natural, “going natural might be  a battle against nature itself. e.g some people do not have naturally curly hair and yet they will do everything to make it curly or twisted. In the process  Synthesized products  and extreme heat are applied. In the process they might damage the hair.
  6. Ingredients awareness:  Most people consider their products natural based on the product label . Natural products definitely takes a lot to produce. Because it is still in its natural state proper handling is essential in producing, usage and storage of natural products.

Please share  your own definition of  “going natural” with us. We will be glad to hear from you. You might be helping others achieve their own naturalness.


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