Choosing a Hair Stylist

Who did your hair? Where can I get my hair done?

Response to both questions might elicit such responses as varied as “my friend,” “I did it my self,” “I went all the way to the city,”  “the same lady I have been going to for the past 10,20 or 30 years,”  “she comes to my house,”  “I go to her house” or “there is a store down the street”

One is also likely to speak on the hairstylist and the environment:

“It is difficult getting an appointment,” she/he is very good/bad with an attitude,” “I do not like going there because it is a gossip mill” or “the environment is not quite conducive.”

These responses summarizes the importance of a hairstylist in our effort towards getting the best out of our hair.

What is also obvious is that the dollar amount that it might cost, does not come first when compared to the quality of service that we get from our stylists.

Four main areas people are concerned about are: Comfortableness, skill Level, compliments and  recommendation

How comfortable the stylist makes you feel is very important. When you are in such an environment, you believe everything is fine including the service you are receiving from the stylist. Most people want to know if the environment is clean and if the stylist presents themselves  professionally. You will be drawn to a stylist who’s hair and way of dressing looks great.

Skill level is an important factor that can only become obvious during  the service or after the service has been delivered. The hope and belief is that the stylist is certified and licensed by the state. As we all know skill development can only be achieved by continuous practice. Sometimes we might be the “specimen” that is being used for practice by a “rookie” or we might be the recipient of the “master’s touch.”

The compliments we receive is also a factor that will come to play when we choose a stylist. If the compliments are positive, we tend to believe the stylist must have done a wonderful job. You gain confidence through the compliments and it reassures you that you’ve picked the right hairstylist. If it is otherwise, we think twice before going back.

Who is recommending this stylist? A friend, an article , a blog , YouTube, or parent? All these are factors that can influence how we choose our stylist. We pay close attention to how well the person’s hair-do is, and along with how much we trust their opinion, we form the most reasonable conclusion. Our future experience with the stylist may be dependent on the recommendation that was made.

Sometimes it is just plain luck. You walk into the salon, the reception is nice, the environment is conducive, their is good entertainment, professionalism is top notch, creativity and personality in perfect proportion. The distance is not too far from you and the waiting time is not too long. You get out of the salon and the compliments starts pouring in. You are happy and life goes on. The stylist then becomes the least of your worries.

What other factors do you think we missed? Please make your comment and participate in the poll below.


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